Please come to the November 14, Seward City Council public hearing!

Nov 12, 2011

This Monday November 14, will be the last time the public can comment on the City ofSeward’s proposed 2012-2013 budget.  With the approval by the Seward City Council, the Council will be approving and mandating, what many find in Seward to be unfettered City Government. 

 We often forget that in order to pay for the City services we receive, the costs of those services first need to be approved by the city council and then they approve how to pay for them.  Few of you probably know that at the last City Council meeting, where no one signed up for public comment, the Council as well as your newly elected Mayor passed the proposed annual increases in your Electric, Water and Sewer bills for the 2012-2013 budget.  Do you approve of these increases?  Better yet, do you approve of the expenditures these increases pay for?  

 If you do approve come to the City Council Public Hearing at 7:00 pm Monday November 14th, and tell your elected representatives.  If you have questions or disapprove it is even more important you come and be heard. 

 The budget process is a complicated accounting process for the City.  Without input from you, the city and your elected representatives can only make their best attempts to make Seward the city you want.  City spending ultimately is paid by you and me.    With a declining business and population base and without reductions in spending those costs can only continue to go up in the form of increased taxes, mil rates, and fees.

 Please set aside the three hours it will take of your time this coming Monday November 14th,  your last chance, to give your elected representatives your approval or disapproval to pass the City ofSeward’s 2012 and 2013 Final Biennial Budget.

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