Cross Country Ski, Seward Alaska

Sep 17, 2011

Cross Country Skiing

 Cross country skiing in Seward Alaska is a great experience; it is a great way to have fun outdoors in the winter, get in great shape or stay in great shape, as well as having fun with friends and family. We have a nonprofit Nordic Ski Club organization here in Seward dedicated to cross country Nordic skiing. The club is made up of a variety of skiers from all over the world and welcomes new members and visitors alike. The Seward area is rich with trails that suit all skill levels from expert to beginner, groomed to backcountry. If you plan on being in Seward or are in Seward during the winter I would recommend talking to the Nordic ski club for conditions & trail descriptions.

Below is map of some trails located in Seward for cross country skiing, for more information about cross country skiing in Alaska, visit the Nordic ski clubs website.















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