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Sep 14, 2011

*Travel to Alaska to see Seward Alaska in the Winter*

When the mind is backed by will, miracles happen.

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            Most people think there is “not very much going on”, in Seward Alaska during the winter. They are dead wrong, mostly dead, slightly wrong. I moved here from southern California a couple years ago on Thanksgiving Day. If you are from the “lower 48” (what Alaskans call the rest of the United States) and plan on visiting and fully experiencing Seward Alaska, in my personal opinion it is much more surreal during the winter. The population here in Seward Alaska year round is 3,500 and jumps to 40,000 tourists and seasonal workers during the summer. It is allot more laid back slower pace place to live during the winter. Seward starts getting packed when the first cruise ship gets here in May and starts slowing down when the Alaska cruise ships leave  in September. If you want an actual vacation and a get away from the everyday grind I would strongly suggest spending your time here during the winter. The scenery in Seward Alaska during the winter is breathtaking, 100% different then in the summer. Everything’s covered with a thick blanket of snow, It gives a since of how much land is being preserved. If you are from a bigger town with a high population it’s harder to get the since of how much untouched land there really is.

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