Alaska’s Playground! Seward Alaska

Sep 24, 2011

 What, when and choosing a place to visit in Alaska, can be a little over whelming. Here are a few facts that might help make your decision seem easier. The right time of the year might not be the same for everyone. Depending on what you wish to accomplish up here can depend on a number of things. Mainly the weather and the fast seasons Alaska has to offer. These are the reasons to visit Seward Alaska.

  Seward offers a wide variety of choices for you and your spouse/ friends to do while hear. Weather it is fishing or just shopping, there is plenty to enjoy and see. You will not be disappointed by it’s wondrous beauty, Black beaches, or it’s crystal clear icy waters that penetrate far out beyond a never ending ocean. View mountains that seem to shoot straight to heavens and yell “climb me” with the whispering windy sunny air. Run through vast coastal rain forests so thick you have to stay on the trail. Glacier streams flowing down mountains are everywhere, and surrounding you is all the wildlife, watching, waiting for you, to come see, Seward’ scenery. It is probably one of the most photographic places you could ever visit on this planet, we guarantee.

    We would like to start with Red or Sock eye fishing. The reds can start running in May and will stay till July before they make there long journey inland to reproduce. These fish are either caught on a fly rod or by a technique called snagging. Your limit is Six a day and after two months, one can put a lot of fish in the smoker or freezer. In Seward they mainly caught on the other side of Resurrection Bay at the foot of Mt. Alice off Nash road.

    Next comes the Halibut Derby, starting May 1st. $875 in cash prizes a week for fort-teen weeks, is given away, with a grand prize at the end for biggest fish. There is a buy in every day or packaged rates. Be prepared to catch a fish…… bigger than you!


 And finally, The Silver Salmon Derby in August. (Coho)This is the one where you can win, “the big money”. Totaling in over $100,000 in prize money, it is Alaska s and Seward s biggest tournament by far. With prizes given out daily and or with a tag salmon,(Which could be a $50,000 to $100,000 fish) and also prizes to the fifty heaviest fish are awarded, at the end of the tourney. 

 The Forth of July race up Mount Marathon is also a very popular event held every year in Seward. This is one of the oldest foot races on the North American continent. Legend has it, that in 1908, a bartender bet a geologist that he couldn’t run up and down the mountain in under an hour. He took the bet and did it in sixty two minutes loosing the bet, and in 1915, it became an official event in Seward. Now it draws people from all over the world to watch/compete in the annual race. With the race comes a few days festivities including fireworks displays, street vendors, dancing, beer gardens, concerts, all the way to mud bogs across the bay on Nash road. $30 is all you need to participate in the bogs and $5 gets you in the door. This is the height of the tourists season, so plan accordingly.

    Since we are talking about running up a trail, Seward also has many trails you can venture off for the day and or night. Caines Head is 13 mile hike to an old World War 2 army fort you can go explore. (Watch for tides or you be trapped for a while) Climb the Lost Lake trail (15 miles) and spend the night by the lake in a free cabin on top of the mountain. Or claw your way up to the Harding Ice Field (8 miles) to see vast gleaming glaciers frozen in time. But wait, yes there are plenty of other trails ready for your mountain bike riding. 250 miles total, weave in and out of mountains and valleys of Seward, inviting you to ride over the next peak to see what is on the other side.

    But wait, the best way to see Alaska s awesome terrain is by the air. Choosing to go by airplane or by helicopter is your decision. But only one can take you to where the glaciers and the dogsleds are, and that is the helicopter. Camps are set up a top of mountains waiting for you come share with Alaska s oldest tradition, Iditarod. Yes you can ride with the Huskies as they pull you through a vast winter wonderland over looking Resurrection Bay while you reminisce about the old hunting ways and gold rush days.

    The only other way to see Seward is by water. Maybe kayak next to a killer whale, or keep your distance on one of Seward s many scenic companies. No matter the aquatic and flying wildlife will astound you, or maybe you just want to sit and relax next to ocean and read. It is up to you. Go shopping in the many fine stores, eat dinner in a variety of cuisines from seafood to subway, you will find something to enjoy.

    All in all, Seward s summer lasts only but a few months, so plan early, do your research and know what you want to do before you book your vacation. Things such as hunting are only at certain times. (Months and/or weeks) The wrong time could put a unneeded damper on a much awaited trip.   Posted by Tim Camden, front desk clerk Hotel Seward

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